ZAKA Lemon Peeler

The best heavy duty lemon and citric peeler available in the market. For use at home or professional environments.

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Perfect lemon strips everytime

Peel the perfect lemon strips for your cocktails or shakes and present a picture-perfect display. Make your guests envious with a professional looking cocktail that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

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Enjoy peel free citrics

Does peeling your citrics make you feel like screaming in frustration. The ZAKA lemon peeler makes this process easy and pain free. Enjoy your favorite citrics with none of the frustration.

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The best lemon peeler in the market

From the perfect lemon strips for your margaritas to perfectly stripped fruits for your lemonade or fruit shakes, the ZAKA lemon peeler is the perfect tool for the job every time.

No more frustrations or broken nails trying to peel the toughest and driest lemons or oranges. Make that mandarin fruit shake in minutes with fresh fruit. Peel that grapefruit for your child in less than a minute as an after school snack. You can do it all with ZAKA.

ZAKA is an inexpensive yet very impressive lemon peeler that will put a smile on your face every time you use it. Unlike conventional peelers, ZAKA comes with a table top clamp to ensure a stable base. As you peel your citrics the peeler never wiggles, ensuring a perfect peel in the shortest time possible.


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